Our Concept

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SACHI STUDIO.S is a luxury beauty complex which offers diversified individually owned and operated, beauty related services such as hairdressers, aestheticians, nails and massage, and a variety of other specialty shops and boutiques.

SACHI STUDIO.S is a family owned business with a record of success, since 1999. We focus on creating a customized work environment for each beauty business that rents from us.

Sachi Studio.S offers an upscale, exclusive, and professional atmosphere for the beauty industry, making sure your client will enjoy the ultimate beauty experience in a luxurious and private setting.

Sachi Studio.S is a pioneer in creating the most beautiful studios in the state of Arizona. There is no doubt that our high standards create a new environment and opportunities to work in the most exceptional, advanced, contemporary, fully-furnished studios.

We are committed to provide our tenants with high-end and fully furnished Salon Studios as well as the support and tools they need to launch their salon business in no time.

Dov & Aaron would like invite you to join our family while experiencing  a level of independence while renting in one of our valley locations where we have been blessed to have so may professionals working around us that take their craft so seriously. 

To the we say thank you! Sachi would not be here today without the hard work and dedication to the Sachi name you have all shown us. We are truly blessed. Thank you. 

We take pride in having the most beautiful studios in the state of Arizona, providing a unique, stable, quality, and professional atmosphere for our tenants and their valued customers.

Choosing Sachi Studio.S is the best thing that can happen to you!

Take the leap with out family and become family yourself!!!!!