Why Choose Sachi Studio.S

The Leading Salon Studio in Arizona

Work Your Dream

With your skills and our expertise, the sky is the limit!
Let us help you make it happen!

Be Your Own Boss

Now is the right time to Move On, and move to Sachi Studio.S, the industry-leading Salon Studios. We have all the ingredients for your success: prime location, professional atmosphere, and the most beautiful spaces in the state of Arizona. Forget about the rest.

Become a Salon Owner Today

salonOwnerOur fully furnished studios some in A variety of sizes and floorplans to suit your individual needs. All the options are open, you can choose the solution that will accommodate your needs.

Be Yourself for Yourself

Now you have the freedom to customize your private salon studio with your own style and decor.
Express yourself! Do what you love! You deserve it!

Sell Your Own Retail

Keep 100% of retail profits… Now you can sell the products you really love.

Manage Your Own Schedule

You have the freedom to control your schedule and decide when you would like to work.

Set Your Own Prices

You are free! No one will dictate your prices anymore!

Set Your Own Music

This is your salon , so you can choose your music!


If you’re looking for the perfect studio space for your business, Sachi Studio.S is your best choice.

Our amenities will let you focus on your business. We will take care of the rest, even your towels…

  • Contemporary, fully furnished studios
  • A variety of sizes and partnering plans
  • Complimentary towel service at Scottsdale and Arrowhead locations
  • DirecTV
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 24/7 access
  • Security cameras
  • Subleasing available
  • Services to assist your business
  • Events and holiday parties